In this page we would like to express our gratitude to all the people
who are behind the anonymous names, brands or logos,
and who generously assisted and backed us in different ways
making our journey through Japan so easy and unforgettable.

Agfa-Gevaert Japan, Tokyo Films.

Alliance Francaise
 Sapporo, Osaka, Yokohama

Associazione italo-giapponese, Shizuoka Slide-show, boarding and lodging.
Associazione italo-giapponese, Tokyo Slide-show
Ciclo Piave
Via Distrettuale 137
31025 S. Lucia di Piave (Tv) Italy
Tel/Fax 0438-460139
All bicycle spare parts.
City Hall, Obihiro (Hokkaido) Slide-show
Dairoku Junior high school, Obihiro Slide-show
Deutsche Schule, Yokohama Slide-show.
Ebetsu Citizens`International Exchange Association,
Ebetsu (Hokkaido)
Slide-show, park golf.
Ferrino spa, Italy Tent, sleeping bags, headlights.
Figaro Bar Club, Susukino
Kaori Tsukada and her mother.
Many excellent dinners, drinks and much more!
Franco Ugo e Clara, Kobe Boarding and lodging.
Fujimoto, Atsubetsu-Sapporo Slide-show, boarding and lodging.
Fujimoto Mary Sapporo Slideshow, Dinner-party
Goto Michi, Sapporo Excellent Japanese lunch and logistical support and much more!
House Friendship (FatherManfred)
North 14, East 1, Sapporo
Lodging and having a place to meet friends.
Huber Armin  Tokyo Dinner-party
Ichihara Jun and Keiko, Otsu Boarding and lodging.
Ikeda, Hakkodate Finding homestay and sushi lunch.
Ilifune Minami Elementary School
Urayasu City
Slideshow and lunch
Istituto Italiano di Cultura  Kyoto Slide-show, lodging.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
2-1-30 Kudan Minami  Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
 Tel. 3264-6011/3

Lodging, Slide-show.
Italian Culture Club
1561-51 (G-17) Nishihara, Urasoe City, Okinawa
Boarding and lodging, slide-shows and full support in Naha.
Italian Embassy, Tokyo Tickets for classical concert.
Ito Naomi, Tokyo Boarding and lodging.
JACC Japanese Adventure Cycling Club Tokyo Slide-show, dinner.
Kamada Bicycle Shop, Obihiro
(Tel. 0155-23-7101)
Slide-show and dinner party.
Komori Kazuhiro, Asahikawa Boarding and lodging.
Kobayashi Takako and family, Takasaki Boarding and lodging.
Konan Elementary school, Obihiro Slide-show

Lepre Lidia, Italy
Luciano`s mother

Two hand made bicycle Ciclo Piave and every kind of support.
Macri Mirella, Nakashihoro - Obihiro Italian lunch.
Many JET Teachers from Aomori to Sendai Lodging during cold winter nights.
Matsuda Takayuki, Otsu Excellent dinner.
Mizoguchi Itaru, Sapporo Duplicating slides, CD Rom, Mo, slide-show, hosting and drinking.
Mizoguchi Motoko, Sapporo Homestay, translating services dental treatment and full support in Sapporo.
Nambu Kaori and her family Tokyo Boarding, lodging and much more,
for 1 month
Naomi  Ashibetsu Boarding and lodging
Nikon Sapporo Service Center
North 7, West 4, Kita-Ku, Sapporo
Tel. 011-717-5781
Repairing, cleaning and servicing camera and lenses.
Nishimura family, Sapporo Excellent sashimi dinner.
Nomura Emi and family,
Translating service, boarding and lodging.
Oasahigashi Junior High School  Sapporo Slideshow
Ortlieb, Germany 60% discount on bicycle bags.
Osaka Msazumi  Sapporo Kaiseki Dinner
Otokoyama Co.,LTD
2-7 Nagayama, Asahikawa Hokkaido 
Tel. 0166-48-1931
Many bottles of excellent sake, lunch and taking photographs of sake processing.
Ozaki Setsuko, Sapporo Homestay, different slide-shows and full support in Sapporo.
Patagonia Outdoor Store  Kamakura Slideshow
PTA of Oasa Higashi Junior hgh school
Oasa Ebetsu (Hokkaido)
Slide-show, south-american food.
Saccogna Luca  Tokyo Slideshow, Dinner-party
Sapporo Kokusai Plaza
Kita 1, Nishi 3,Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Tel. 011-211-2105
Assistance, interpreter service, hosting and planning different slide-shows, and all sort of support!
Schwalbe, Germany Marathon tires.
Selle San Marco, Italy Bicycle saddles.
Shibata Mitsuru  Tokyo Lunch
Shibayama Morio, Kanagawa Films.
Shimano Museum, Osaka Slide-show.
Shimano, Osaka Bicycle parts, service and lodging.
Tanaka Yoshimi Tokyo Dinner
Trizzino Gioacchino Tokyo Dinner
Wake Up Hokkaido, Sapporo Slide-show and two nights in Royton Hotel, Sapporo.
Yamaichiya Co.,Ltd (Optic Shop)
Minami 1, Nishi 7-19,Chuo-Ku, Sapporo
Tel. 011-281-6536
Checking our eyes and providing glasses, sunglasses, excellent Japanese dinners and much much more!
Yato Tarzan and Kyoko, Obihiro Creating this www. site, slides-shows, boarding and lodging, drinking wine with next morning headache,and much more!
Vattani Enrico  Tokyo Dinner-party